CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS next time you're having friends over for dinner, have them guess how many strings of pasta you're going to cook! Then whoop up your handy Pasta meter and show them how it's done :)


Take the guesswork out of measuring how much pasta to cook...

When you cook pasta, you usually use too much pasta resulting in you throwing out lots of perfectly good (but unusable) pasta. This app helps you visually estimate the appropriate amount to cook according to the number of people you're serving.

Use the friendly interface to tell this nifty app who's eating (kids and adults). The app will display a pasta-filled circle on your phone's screen. Cover the circle with real-world pasta of your own choice, and you'll be sure* not to be wasting pasta or cooking way too much only ending up by throwing out leftovers.

You can adjust the proposed quantity using a slider, and the app shows some fun and useful information about the quantity. How many strings of pasta would you need for 3 kids? The next time you cook them pasta, use this app and have them guess!

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* Pretty sure, at least. Some people eat more than others, but this app doesn't include an appetite meter. You know your guests better than we do ;)