FOOL YOUR FRIENDS when your friends have no 3G/Edge-connection, pull out your phone and launch 56k, telling them you'll "just dial into the internet", eliminating the need for 3G.


56k pays a small tribute to the early-90's internet experience, where you had to make sure nobody was using the phone before you could dial up and connect to the internet. Speeds were slow - increeeedibly slow. The mobile phone you know and love would leave any internet connection circa 1997 surpass that speed even on it's most modest setting.

Re-live the days of dialing up with your modem, listening to the gurgling sound of it connecting and navigating between super-simple webpages, slowly loading images and experiencing random disconnects.

We hope you enjoy this little trip to the past... and please remember to hang up the line when you're done!

If you have any issues or ideas for improvement, check out Sjook's support contact information.

NOTE: This application is for entertainment purposes only and does not provide a working network connection.